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Who we are


We seek to enable growth for the financial services industry across the globe, by accelerating collaboration opportunities between Financial Institutions and Fintechs.

Through technological enablement and digitization, Financial Institutions can improve their customer solutions and both serve their existing customers better and access newer market segments across emerging markets.

Synfindo is committed to building innovative products for the Financial Services Industry globally.


Fintechs, developers and other innovative companies can also be a part of a global ecosystem showcasing their solutions in a trusted and convenient manner enhancing growth in both their business commercials and overall reputation.

One of our products, APIX allows FIs to search for and discover innovative, digital solutions from FinTechs and then rapidly design, experiment and deploy these solutions. We are also building new products using either our own proprietary technology or using pre-existing solutions already available in an easy-to-use manner.


We are headquartered in Singapore and our priority markets include ASEAN, South Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

We are growing fast and hiring a new team –

If you are up for a challenge and keen to make an impact

across the financial services sector, Join Us!

Our Investors

Backed by investors who share our vision to drive innovation in the Financial Services industry.


Meet Our Team

Our team members are our greatest asset. Our ability to deliver outstanding results for our clients starts with our team of experts.

Need more details? Contact us.

We are here to assist. 

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